C-Roc renown west coast underground rapper just dropped his latest single “2 Nite (Remix)” from his album from the newly released album “#VanNuys (Remixez & B-$idez)”. Despite the pandemic C-Roc has been generating a media buzz across the internet.

The underground rapper C-Roc hailing from Van Nuys, CA in the San Fernando Valley North Los Angeles first got into rap from his musically inclined family who introduced it to him at a young age. By high school he was already Djing and MCing at local parties and putting out mixtapes. He drew inspiration from West Coast, East Coast, and Southern rappers, such as RZA, Dre, DJ Quik, Warren G, DJ Premiere, Brotha Lynch, Nas, Tupac, and many more and eventually he started producing his own beats.


Throughout his career he has collaborated with many artists such as Tri-Star & Slo’ from DPG’z Antorazh and his cousins Mister & Crucifia from G-Fam.

C-Roc started releasing albums at the age of 28 starting with his first solo project UNDAGROUND RAPMOSFEAR mixtape and followed it up with DIRTYHOLE MIXTAPEZ Vol. 1 & 2, and UNDAGROUND RAPMOSFEAR Reloaded. C-Roc has had run ins with the law which lead him to a wrongful conviction, with his release from incarceration in 2019.

It’s never easy to release an album or hot new single, especially with the state of the world in 2020, but C-Roc has come out swinging with this single generating a media buzz on social media.

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