Cherry Voss’ New Single “LANDSCAPES” Out Soon

Cherry Voss

“LANDSCAPES” is a Single that will form a summertime anthem. A Pittsburgh DJ commented: “I really like your metaphors…. as you’re rapping I can picture the whole video…”

Cherry Voss is a Self-Motivated, and Inspired artist who is bringing authentic lyricism back into mainstream hip hop.

Melodic style trill coupled with intricate wordplay are attributes that aptly describe the enigma that is Cherry Voss. She is a leader in the new school of contemporary artists and She is constantly pushing the envelope and reinventing herself and her sound.

Cherry Voss is a multi-talented Vocalist and Rapper born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. She then spent 7 years in Atlanta and has honed her crafts. She is an artist that epitomizes the essence of the modern era and she is making music that is thoughtful, conscious, and driven by a desire to motivate, inspire, comfort, and spread love and joy to all those that hear.

Landscapes is a creative and vibey Single with nuances of musicality that is immersed in cultural diversity.

“Landscapes” is the lead single to a mixtape titled Deja Bluu that will evoke feelings of nostalgia. It is a barbecue bob or a club controller meant to ease the mind and bring relaxing vibes. It’s a playlist essential for a road trip and chilling with bae. Play, Download and stream this banger! Cherry Voss is here to change the game.

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