Dr. Dre’s Divorce

Dr. Dre has been in the process of getting a divorce for a while, and it hasn’t been a pretty one. For starts Nicole Young wants money, and we’re not talking a little bit she wants A LOT. To be more specific she wants $1,936,399 and unless you’re Jeff Bezos that’s a lot of money. Here’s where she says the money would go:

— Laundry and cleaning $10,000 a month

— Clothes $135,000 a month

— Education (tuition and living expenses) $60,000 a month

— Entertainment $900,000 a month

— Charitable contributions $125,000 a month

— Mortgage. $100,000 a month

— Telephone, cell phone, e-mail $20,000 a month

Maybe she’s been out of the loop and doesn’t know what most things cost, but $20,000 for phone and email!?! Wow, and $10,000 a month for cleaning I’ll clean her house for less than that and I hate cleaning.

But is she really going to get all this?? After all they had a pre-nup, but she claims she was forced to sign and he ripped it up years into the marriage. To top it all of now Nicole Young is stealing/embezzling money from one of Andre Young’s companies Record One. Nicole wrote herself a check for $353,571.85 reportedly and now Dre and his partner are suing his estranged wife.


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