Dre’s Old Days

The fashion within Hip-Hop culture is ever changing. Back in the early 1980’s some of the most well known rappers were wearing somethings much different back then. As seen below Dr. Dre in the “World Class Wreckin Cru”.

Fast foward just a few short years later and we have N.W.A where Dre can be seen sporting a new look.

Then in the 1990’s through early 2000’s it was all about baggy jeans for most Hip-Hop artists. Then today it seems skinny jeans are the new thing. Maybe Dr. Dre was just ahead of his time?

Don’t worry we didn’t “Forget about Dre”.

What do you think of the newest fashion trends? Was Dre ahead of his time? Should Dre “bring back the old him”? Let us know in the comments below.

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