Ganja Mann Drops “Shiiiiii” on 11/12

Ganja Mann

Known for his trendsetting previous releases “Head to Toe” Ft. Casino, “Belly Bag” Ft. Young Dolph, “Yeah Yeah” Ft. Pop Lord & “Move It Fast” Ft. Pap Chanel; Ganja Mann who is most certainly up-and-coming Hip-Hop royalty is most definitely on his way to solidifying his seat at the table with his newest release “Shiiiiii”.

Ganja Mann has teamed up with Estabrook Road Records (ER The Label) for his latest release and from what we can tell this one is going to be major. All we can really say is “Mannnnnn…” just like Ganja says to introduce the track. This one bumps, it hits and it’s an earworm that will be stuck in your head all day after just listening to it once; but unlike other catchy songs this one is straight from the Trap.

“Shiiiiii” is about living that life and everything; good, bad and indifferent – that comes along with it.

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