Gloey Tha Goon

23 year old rapper Gloey Tha Goon coming straight from Cape Town, South Africa has straight fire music with hits like “Fatal”. With a unique flow, rugid lyrics and versatile styles. Gloey writes what ever he’s feeling. “One day I might wanna make some sad Lofi song the next I wanna some hard hitting 808 trap song”.

“As a teenager I was obsessed with graffiti. Which influenced me to fall in love with hip hop. As a 13 year old I use to bump Wu-tang Clan, Lord Finesse and Big L. These days I’m still heavily influenced by the 90s hip hop, but I also like to incorporate different elements from new age rap. Switch it up where I feel is best.”

Gloey Tha Goon has got talent, listen for yourself…

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