James Roan released his music video “Mission As An Emcee”

James Roan released his music video "Mission As An Emcee"

Upcoming Miami recording artist James Roan released his third music video from his album Enter • End. The visual is titled “Mission As An Emcee” and on this he showcases lyrical skills and versatility in his vocals. The song is very mellow but has an impact due to the message throughout it. I hear similarities with other artists like Kendrick Lamar, Childish Gambino & Andre 3000 with a fusion of 90s flows, but modernized with today’s issues we all face. The video takes place during the day with a group of guys playing a game of pickup basketball. The concept behind this is to show that no matter how much you sweat and how tough things may be, to keep forward on your mission. Stayed tuned for much more to come from this artist. He will one day soon be the future of hip-hop.

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