The New Emerging Artist Janetha


Bay Area-born Janetha is an emerging alternative hip-hop/rap artist, rapper, and songwriter. This talented musician is set to make waves in the scene with her eclectic sound and distinctive style. Through her captivating lyricism, Janetha radiates raw emotion that encapsulates a genre-defying sound. Inspired by her life experiences, Janetha strives to push the envelope with her sound to create an experience for listeners to escape to.

As she navigated life-changing obstacles growing up, Janetha always found safe haven in music and now seeks to provide that for people around the world. Janetha will have listeners engulfed in the musical world she creates with her no-frills approach and realness. The California-bred artist aims to create music that people will be able to relate to and find themselves in. With a growing fanbase, Janetha is an artist that is set to leave her footprint in the music industry and in the hearts of many.


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