JayBars HoodStar Releases New Music

JayBars HoodStar, 28 year old Bay Area native born Jabari Knight-Jenkins. Jabari is a father and a student studying audio engineering. This singer/songwriter and recording artist uses music as a vessel, as a way to illustrate his emotions in an entertaining way. His versatility makes his music exciting and unpredictable. After being in touch with two major record labels Jaybars continued his independent grind and is now the owner of Truly Talented Music Group where he releases all his music and videos. “Independence is key.” You can stream JayBars on all streaming platforms. His goal is to own the largest entertainment company in the U.S. Covering all forms of entertainment. You can see the transition and maturity of this young artist from previous projects to now. Twin 3, last of the twin EP series is the most recent project Jaybars released this aside from his single “Spectacular”. Both are on all streaming platforms.


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