J CEAZER Releases Hard Hitting Music Video “Dame Mas”

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J CEAZER aka “Mr. Fastlane” coming from South Philly releases hard hitting “Dame Mas” music video. “Dame mas” is loaded with bars and hooks to keep you saying dame mas.

J CEAZER originally from South Philly grew up right across the street from a bar that would play the classics he loved to hear. He would write verses and poetry as a kid, but it wasn’t until high school that his bro Shane who worked as part of a sound crew started recording his music. Then last year after his friend Keem got killed he decided he really wanted to focus on making music. Ceazer would tell Keem who didn’t graduate that his diploma was for both of them. This later inspired “Graduate”. In “Graduate” Ceazer also wrote about his father and another friend who had passed recently “Johnny aka Grip”.

Athough J Ceazer has only been officially in the music game since early 2021 he’s already been on the radio, opened for Young Dro, and even got a shout out from Gillie. Ceazer who is actually a self described introvert says when it’s showtime “I’m all about the execution and I come to life”. When asked what he wanted fans to know about him he said,

“You can do whatever you put your mind to in whatever time frame you set. Whether you want to move fast or slow, with the right determination and discipline you can accomplish anything.”

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