Khaleel Mandel

Khaleel Mandel says, “When it all comes down to it, music unfolds undiscovered messages. Discovering the unknown full time keeps me creative.” Khaleel Mandel, rapper/producer/singer-songwriter/composer/multi-instrumentalist was born in Boston Massachusetts, and raised in Bridgeport, CT. As a baby Khaleel would attend numerous of his professional bass player father Carl Carterʼs performances. Now in Broadwayʼs Tony Award Winning Come From Awy, Carlʼs earlier work includes serving as Grammy Award Winning rap group Digable Planetsʼ bassist in 1994. The year Khaleel was born. At a Sound-check for the tour of classic album Blowout Comb Khaleel was in brief attendance in his car- seat. From that point on Hip Hop culture was immovable from him.

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