Kyle Bent

kyle bent

Kyle Bent (born August 12, 1997, Jamaica) is a Hip-Hop artist, songwriter and singer, known for his 2012 Mixtape titled The Catalyst. He initially made a name for himself in Boston as an unsigned artist. Bent taught himself the basics of audio engineering and recording. In 2014 Bent released a music video called Mind Control which brought him his first hundred-thousand views on YouTube. The video was featured on MTV. It also caught the attention of influential hip-hop blogs, such as Undergroundhiphop, HHS97, The Source, XXL, and This helped bring more publicity. In early 2016, when Bent was attending college at Bridgewater State University, he released another music video called Higher Power. This led him to get signed by, Denver-based label, Made in the Shade Records later that spring. Then he went on to headline his own East Coast tour early in 2017.

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