“METATRON” The New Album by HezaGenius is Now Out

“METATRON” The New Album by HezaGenius Is now out and available on Apple Music BandCamp and Amazon Music. The first single off of the New album “The Ghost Of Slim Shady” is a for sure a tone setter for the level of bars and beats as to be expected with this project. HezaGenius advocates the reemergences of the traditional MC with his witty punchlines, meticulous wordplay, intricate rhyme schemes. Amidst all the lyrical flexing and braggadoshish pandering HezaGenius takes the time to “slip some medicine in with the candy” if you will. There’s an consistent dripping of conscious jewels through out the album as well which is truly magnified on tracks like “Tom Hanks Sh*t” song number two off of the album. Produced by HezaGenius himself the beats are second to non of his lyrical skills. Do yourself a favor click the link and enjoy this masterpiece.

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