Milla the Rapper’s New Album Releases May 31st

milla the rapper

Milla the Rapper’s hot new album, “The Opening Act” is about to drop May 31st 2021. The 12 track album features hits like, “Welcome to the Show” and “Red Eyed” feat JAG. The inspiration behind “The Opening Act” came from wanting to show listeners a more genuine side of himself.

“My last album, playing Harvey Dent, I still told stories about myself. But I think everybody saw Two Face. So this is my chance of truly showing my truest of colors.”

“I just want the fans to know we all battle our demons and battle mental health. And let my music and story be the proof that we don’t have to hide our battles to overcome them. Therapy is what brought the best out of my music. And it’s never too late to ask for help.”

You may already know Milla the Rapper from being one of his 10k followers on Instagram, or from his previous album “A Tale from Two Faces” featuring his hit song “Forget It“.

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