Nep Jennings

Nep Jennings is an artist, producer releases his new single titled “Brand New” He loves to let his sound speak for itself, and he focuses on creating music that sparks an immediate connection with his listeners. His sound combines the energy of old-school rap with the melodic edge of the modern hip-hop scene, which sets the bar higher in terms of versatility and focus. His music has a very diverse sound , but also looking back at iconic music styles such as Motown and Funk, and Acid Jazz only to mention but a few. These influences all fall into play to a certain degree, spicing up his beats and productions. Nep has a very distinctive personality, and his sound is quite hard to categorize, because it is truly shaped by its surrounding environment. Nep’s work is definitely an outstanding example of his commitment to creating quality music that will connect with people, not only due to the integrity of the production value, but also due to his signature approach to musical storytelling.

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