Or Barak is Releasing a New ALBUM.

Or Barak is preparing us for the summer with a surprising, artistic and revolutionary ALBUM. How to stay being a most streamed and relevant singer or songwriter is the question most of singer in the industry try to figure out with every step they take, and every hit song they release, But somehow the 24 year old Israeli artist Or Barak found a way to create a music that is both exciting, authentic but poppy and fun for everybody to listen. While stating high quality melodic vibes on songs like “Adventures” and “I Need You” Or also make sure to give us what we really want with some Pop, Hip-Hop and Trap records like “One More Dance” and “Away” and “UFO” Or Barak’s New Album “AVANT-GARDE” is something that everybody who likes to dance, hype up and vibe to needs to listen to. With this album we cried, smoked, drive at the nighttime, and danced.

AVANT-GARDE is a really interesting project.

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