Riverside Mic

riverside mic

Music overall is not what it use to be. Today’s music just doesn’t have the soul it use to. Every year it gets harder and harder to find real music from real artists. So many major companies are using there platform to expose substandard artist and brainwash us all into thinking its actually good music. Just because you hear a song on radio 6 times in the same doesn’t mean its good. Just cause someone has a million followers doesn’t mean there music earned each follow. If you anything like me, your always searching for that underground artist that is truly better than the rest.

If you have not heard of Riverside Mic don’t feel bad. Neither did I until a few month ago but after listening to this Mutant Emcee I will never forget the name. Riverside Mic might be Hip Hop’s best kept secret. His 3 releases of 2020 might be the most underrated music of the year.

In such a historic year, Riverside Mic released 3 brand songs that showed the globe what side of history he is on. RAISED FIST set the tone as protests erupted around the globe. FED UP gave us all something we can relate to and THATs THAT is lyrically better than 90% of the Hip Hop released in the past decade.

It really is a breath of fresh air when you can find new music, original music that sounds different and better than then norm. I’m super excited to hear more from this lyricist in 2021. Be sure to follow Riverside Mic and show your support. This guy deserves it.

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