Malik “Lyon” Walton, known professionally as “rocstarlyon” is a 17 year-old american rapper, singer, and songwriter. Malik was born September 30, 2003 in the city of Los Angeles California, He is well known for his hit single “I tried” which dropped on March 30 of 2020 and recieved over 10 thousand streams on soundcloud in less than a week.

On May 14, 2020, rocstarlyon dropped his 1st EP, “I’m Lost” which gained a tremendous amount of numbers on soundcloud and spotify within minutes. On July 29 of 2020, Rocstarlyon dropped his 2nd EP, “sadboyhours” which has gained over 14 thousand plays on soundcloud and which is still rising as of today. Rocstarlyon has dropped his Brand New Debut Album “Outsiders”, A 10 track list featuring rappers known as YDN Kev, THEKIDNIN9 and Valious. The album has receieved over 20 thousand plays in total since it’s realease on September 30.

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