Sharmila’s 2nd album “DNA Damage” Out Soon

Sharmila’s 2nd album “DNA Damage” is set to be out soon. Through the trials and grief she recently faced with the loss of her 25 year old daughter Sharmila has managed to channel that emotion into her latest album.

Tanisha, Sharmila’s daughter passed on April 3rd from drinking unsafe tap water. Like most people Sharmila had no idea the dangers of tap water in Holland. Her and her daughter thought it was perfectly safe, until they had already gotten sick. That’s when Sharmila started in on her research and she discovered how dangerous it truly could be. Both Tanisha and Sharmila had gotten sick from the incident, but sadly Tanisha did not survive. “To be a mom was the most important thing to me and I will love and miss her forever.” Tanisha was a bright, talented student with musical aspirations of her own. She played the keyboard and even wrote a few songs. Tanisha was popular, kind hearted, caring, and will be missed by everyone who knew her.

Sharmila has always used music and performing arts as a way to express herself. Her love of arts started at a young age. At the age of 7 she started taking dance lessons, Sharmila would dance and listen to music until she couldn’t stop. This love of music stayed with her and in her 20s she started producing her own music. Her art has brought her to the United States, where she opened for boyband O-Town in 2018. Years later and she is still using this art as a form of expression.

Make sure to keep an eye out for her latest projects.


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