Sheridan’s Single, “Where’s The Ref?” Out June 18

Where's The Ref?

Independent artist and music producer SHERIDAN (aka Sheridan Carter Crane) has recorded and released over 20 songs in the last two years, setting the stage for his new EP release ON MYSELF that drops worldwide in stores and online June 18, 2021.

Over the last few years SHERIDAN has had multiple close friends pass away and has endured an unfortunate amount of heartbreak. In 2020, less than a month after moving to San Francisco to attend the production school Pyramind, he also had all his music equipment stolen in the moving process. Despite these setbacks, he has since rebuilt his home studio and kept his focus on family, honoring his mother, and sharing his music with the world.

This is Sheridan’s first single, “Where’s The Ref?” off of the upcoming EP, ‘On Myself’ out June 18.

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