COATESVILLE, PA Rap artist Vior is set to ensnare Hip Hop fans with his uniquely versatile flow and ability to create authentically infectious vibes with his latest single ‘Stevie Wonder’. With life chapters for lyricism and a fearless Rap delivery, Vior’s style encompasses the best of East Coast Hip Hop.Vior’s lead track ‘Stevie Wonder’ from his 2020 EP ‘Presidential’ is made even more galvanizing and just as charismatic as the man himself by the music video shot by WizFX.With a hedonistic flair, gritty urban lyrics and entrancingly urban EDM beats, Stevie Wonder packs a melodic punch while delivering introspection which may just allow you to see your own reflection.


Hailing from a small town in Coatesville, PA didn’t leave Rap artist Vior with small town syndrome. His visceral approach to lyricism paired with the galvanizing grind which is always found in his instrumentals is set to put Vior’s name on the map. The momentum in the melodic-ism may vary between the tracks which have been released since their 2018 debut, but potential remain a constant. He has worked along the likes of Marvlus (PNB Rock) and Chef Pasquale in the past, while the future holds the promise of a debut album.

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