What is Drop Shipping? And How Much Money Do People Make From It?

Drop Shipping is one of the latest crazes sweeping the internet, and for good reason, some people are making a ton of money from it. But what is Drop Shipping? It’s pretty simple actually and it’s all about supply and demand. There could be a potential customer out there who wants to buy a new computer keyboard. That’s where you come in, but are you thinking wait I don’t have a keyboard for sale? Doesn’t matter. Maybe you’re thinking I don’t have a way to ship it. Doesn’t matter either. You might also be thinking I don’t even know where to get a keyboard to sell to the guy who WANTS TO BUY IT well, guess what? That doesn’t matter either. All you have to do is find that guy and sell him that keyboard that he already wants. But how does this even work? You the seller, sell the keyboard (or whatever you want to sell) you collect all the information about the customer, you then buy the keyboard from your supplier at a lower rate, and have it shipped directly to your customer with a nice profit of course. And there is even ways to get that part completely automated so all you have to do is sell the product (which sell themselves) and collect the profit. But where would you sell this keyboard or product? Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Physical retail chains are going away and most people shop online now, which means huge opportunity for those willing to put in the work. And some people have made literally millions of dollars from it.

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