William Marner

William Marner is a Northern Cyprus singer, song writer, and productor. His first official single, “Cennet”, was published on March 5, 2019. Then the “İroni” and “Dolunay” single continued. The first official album was released on May 20, 2019.

Early Life.

Marner experimented in many different styles of music. In the early years, as he made his way through the Metal branch, he discovered that he could express himself better in Hip Hop-Rap style. He focused on this style and developed himself by writing. When he first started, Marner talked about his family problems and then he started to notice different things to improve himself. In 2016, he was interrupted for a while. In 2018, he started making demo songs in a completely different style. He started making vocals in different styles using Auto-Tune and continued in this way until now.

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