Californian Hip-Hop artist DYYNVMIC​ released his perspective-shifting debut EP “Road Work”, which features the harrowingly grounding standout single, “Three Wives”, on October 16​th​.

The intricate lyneo-classic progressions allow the temperature in the multi-layered single featuring Girls Like Girls to drop to chillingly evocative levels. The single spins a transfixing narrative with plenty of emotional detail as the dark side of addiction is explored.

Three Wives runs smooth and hits hard through DYYNVMIC​’s ability to use his personal experiences around substance abuse to amp up the level of emotion in the old-school melodic single which eclipses the 00’s era of Hip-Hop.

LaPuente, California​-hailing artist​ DYYNVMIC​ started pursuing a career in music in 2012 as one half of the rap duo MysticNerds, after a two-year hiatus, DYYNVMIC decided to go solo in 2018 with a more mature, nuanced and serious approach to his sound.

Predating the release of his Roadwork EP, was a string of successful mix-tapes, remixes and singles which allowed Hip-Hop fans to appreciate DYYNVMIC​’s tendency to create music which evokes positive and meaningful responses.

DYYNVMIC ​takes influence from the attitude of 2000’s era Hip-Hop, with his familiar style and distinct vocals, each release which DYYNVMIC runs through with his verses contains an authentic presence.

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