Marcolen Hayes

Marcolen Hayes releases new EP “Hotel 305” and it was surely worth the wait. Title-track “Hotel 305” introduces you to a different project stirred up from the T.G.T Ceo, with a memorizing hook and a euphoric vibe of elaborate ways to describe the intimacy that surrounds the concept of “Hotel 305”. A high-pitched sample and finesse lyrics are not just the case for Marcolen. Listening to earlier featured music, his sound is slowly molding into a 2021 courtship where melodies live and production loves to slap. “The sex is in the air” is a great representation for this record. Each record produced by Dilly Got it Bumpin’ , recorded and mixed by Miami Beat Wave delivers a crisp cohesive sound throughout the full EP. Catching up with Marcolen he mentions to our team “certain sounds with melodies were always a weak area of mine. I really feel like I’m in my bag as an artist now and I’m demonstrating a similar feel from influences and music I was raised on making sure it will not be forgotten or overlooked.” New Project “Hotel 305” is out now on Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify and all streaming services.

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