Melahnin Releases his New Song “Illusions”

U.K. based producer Melahnin just came out with a hard hitting emotional song, “Illusions” featuring Digrasso & Tay Edwards. Melahnin said,

“Illusions” is an emotional track on how “love” is perceived in various ways by different people. The definition of Illusion as quoted is “An illusion is a distortion of the senses, which can reveal how the human brain normally organizes and interprets sensory stimulation. Although illusions distort our perception of reality, they are generally shared by most people”. In a similar way for the reason that we cannot really be taught what love is and how is the “proper” way to feel it, everyone goes through it and has their own understanding and experience of it. Similar to what illusions are.”

Melahnin, originally from Greece, first got into music at the age of 15. He dug out an old dusty turntable from his “mum’s” attic and started “scatching”. This lead him to “turntablism” which is using turntables to make music from usually two or more turntables. He later started making loops with other equipment like CD players, records, and cassettes which lead him into music production.

Watch the Lyrical Music Video

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