Nyke Ness’ Raw Talent with Album Vici

Since December of 2020, Nyke Ness has given us a project that hasn’t disappointed. From the first track “Reggie Weed”, to the very last song “Lights On”, Dopamean Studio artist, Nyke Ness, shows fan his versatility as well as his raw talent with his album Vici.

Track 3 “Oh My” stands out as a fan favorite, and we get to further experience the artist’s impactful production, creative flow and witty punchlines. On the other hand songs such as “Lemon Haze” and “Easy” help listeners to paint a vivid picture of key events, while also getting see what life was like for the artist and how his decisions shaped who he’s become today.

Since then he has released various freestyles such as “runnin” freestyle music video, up freestyle, and lemon pepper freestyle ft Sir Reeb to compliment his album release. This album from the Maryland Native, has helped to establish what’s looks to be a bright future for both Ness and the Dopamean Music Group.

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